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How would the project work?

From the outset, it is very important that the development project has a clear and focussed purpose and that this is clear to all those involved. It is particularly important that the purpose of the project is made clear on any funding application. It should also be noted that for the us, the term “development” focuses upon the “recruitment and retention of members” delivered in a sustainable fashion.

It is also important to realise the in most cases development requires change if it is to be successful. The development project may challenge what individuals do, challenge long held beliefs about what is the “right” way of delivering and supporting Scouting as well as challenging the local culture.
Who 'owns' the project and its outcomes? 

The ownership of the project by the key volunteers and others affected is critical. A project that does not have local support will never be

A project Management Team will project strategic leadership to our project using outcomes defined by the District Executives of Durham City and Houghton-le-Spring Districts. The outcomes will be closely linked to our local priorities for supporting and growing Scouting. This will ensure that local scouting is 100% behind the LDO.