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What does an LDO do?

Each LDO tends to have a unique role, tailored to the needs and focus of the locality. There are however, some common attributes and easy wins, they all share:
  • Adult recruitment is the most common role of the LDO, but it is not something that can be sustained by the LDO alone.

  • Critically new volunteers need welcoming, support, induction and training provided by existing volunteers.

  • It is often easier for a LDO to start new Scout Groups rather than prop-up struggling Scout Groups. New Groups are more measurable, clearer to make progress with and sustainable. 

  • Opening new Sections in existing Scout Groups is another successful technique. 

  • LDO’s should and should be able to train local volunteers in the techniques of recruitment to ensure that growth is sustainable. Training in development techniques can provide sustainability for the future as volunteers carry on the work when the project ends.

  • LDO’s cannot and should not work on their own. They need networking to the wider community, working in partnership with other organisations and volunteers.