New Roles and New Challenges

Change can be both difficult and exciting. Change could be a new role, a change of section, a change of night, a change to the accepted way of doing something. In our district we have some of the most dynamic and committed section leaders in the scout county, if not the country. As adults we also thrive on challenge together with others. The district camp started, grew, went bigger as the experience of the team and the need for challenge grew. Unless we have succession plans in place in our sections, or we refresh or change roles how will we ever develop those behind us? Are you an adult ready for a new challenge? Are you an assistant section leader ready to take the lead yourself? 

They say a change is better than a perhaps its time for a review with your manager/GSL. Reviews are often laid aside or ignored, or even deemed 'not necessary because we talk regularly'. The act of sitting down with your section leader or GSL and discussing your role, your success, your niggles and your aspirations is a very useful process. 

  • Action: When did you last have a role review with your GSL? (Check your membership card) 
  • Action: Ready for a change? Talk to your GSL or DC about opportunities for your own development.