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I'm only 10 - is this trip for me?
The trip is suitable for Scouts and Explorer Scouts. Scouts are put into similar age and ability groups and the activities are matched to the needs of the group. The trip is suited to 10/11 year old scouts.

Is the trip insured?
We use the Scout Association's insurer, Unity, to insure the trip. It's a pretty standard travel insurance package covering accident and medical insurance. We will provide cancellation insurance a month before the start of the trip.

How will we keep in touch with home?
We use a variety of social media and communication tools whilst we're away. You can track our location whilst travelling, follow our blogs, videos and photos online throughout the trip. 

Should an emergency situation arise, we will relay messages through our home contact, this is to ensure that messages are consistent and that leaders abroad are free to manage any emerging situation. Our home contact will hold contact details for all parents and guardians. Equally, if you need to contact us in an emergency, please contact us via our home contact.


What if I don't fancy an activity?
Scouts are encouraged to try the activities, but are not forced to do any. Should you not wish to do an activity, simply speak to your group leader when on the trip.

Who will I be with to do activities?
Scouts are put into similar age/ability groups. They are also put with friends wherever possible. Your usual Scout Leaders are consulted on groups to ensure people are placed in appropriate groups.

Who leads the activities? Are they safe?
Whilst we buy in most of the activities, all of which we receive suitable documentation/insurance from, group leaders are responsible for the safety of the activities. Group leaders have many years experience of being abroad and checking activities before Scouts undertake them.


What special equipment do I need to buy?
The only specialist equipment you require to have for the trip are hiking boots and a waterproof. Please ensure you purchase these before the trip and ensure Scouts wear these beforehand to 'break' them in. Scout leaders can advise you on this, if required.

scouts enjoying their time abroad

The Chalet

What are the room arrangements?
Rooms have between 4-6 beds, with pillow, sheets and a blanket for each bed. Each room has it's own toilet, sink and shower. 

Will I be in a room with my friends?
Scouts always know others in their room. We spend time ensuring that friendships and age groupings are reflected in room organisation.

What is there to do in the chalet?
The chalet boasts an outdoor football/basketball court, table tennis tables and internet room. Scout leaders also run karaoke, wii dance and board games each evening. There is also the opportunity to 'chill' and chat with friends.


I don't like French food - especially not frog's legs or snails!
Although we are in France, the food has a distinct 'English' theme. Meals often include chicken, beef, rice, chips, vegetables and plenty of bread (!).

What if I need a special diet?
If you require a specialist diet then our hosts are happy to provide this staff very friendly and support especially with good communication ahead of the trip.

Money and Costs

£475 is a lot of money. What help is available?
There are many ways to reduce this cost. Events already planned which reduce your fee might include a Sunderland stadium collection, bag packs and a sponsored event. The Scout Association have a grants scheme that can support families who find themselves in difficult circumstances. We'd be happy to discuss how to apply for some help to support your fundraising. Read more about grants

What about Brexit and the value of the Euro?
Most of our costs for the trip are in Euros which means the changes in the value of the £/EURO matter a lot. We have planned the budget based on an exchange rate of €1.15/£. There is conflicting information about what might happen after the UK leaves Europe. Should the situation change significantly, then we will discuss with our trustees how best to fund any shortfall. We will communicate regularly about this. 

How much spending money will I need?
Whilst there is no rule on a maximum amount to take, we recommend no more than £50.00. All meals are included and spending money is only for tuckshop, trip into Chamonix and final town visit.

Are there any other costs?
Beyond the costs of the trip, families should prepare for up to £50 spending money and costs for hiking boots, waterproofs and any additional clothing (a trip hoodie or an additional T-Shirt) you wish to purchase.

I've seen scouts wearing clothing from France?
The trip includes a t-shirt, which everyone receives. However, we do offer extra T-shirts and hoodies which cost extra (£10/£25)

Mobile Phones

Can I take a mobile phone abroad?
Please consider mobile phone use and cost. Mobile costs are considerably higher abroad. Scouts will have the use of their phone (if there’s a signal). Phones often cause a great hindrance to our activities and unnecessary calls home can cause panic and worry. Please don’t rely on there being a signal and most importantly, please contact an adult if you have any worries or concerns. Be assured we will contact you should the need arise.


What documents do I need to go?
You require the following documents to enable you to travel abroad:
  • Passport (This must have 6 months left to run, from the date we return) - expiry date after 1st Dec 2020. Passport information is here.
  • EHIC - This is a European Health Insurance Card, which entitles Scouts to free healthcare when abroad. Please ensure this is still valid. EHIC information is here.
  • The government have confirmed that EHIC arrangements will continue beyond 2020 regardless of the Brexit outcome.