As a district we travel around 24hrs to France in the two coaches - taking regular 45 minute breaks.

We meet on the Friday night, have a 45min service break (packed tea needed) and then we're off to Dover; once we reach Dover (about 1:30am) we board the ferry and then about an hour and a half later we're at Calais.

Once at Calais we travel until around 9am Saturday, where we stop to get washed, have breakfast and just generally relax in the French sunshine (basic wash-kit needed). After around an hour, we're off again! 

At around 4pm, Saturday, we arrive at Morillon and setup. Everyone has a shower and we explore our new home for the week ahead.

During the whole time travelling we entertain ourselves by having quizzes, playing on games, talking, karaoke, jokes and of course, taking photo's, having 'good banter' and generally enjoying the scenery.

What to pack?

Simply, pack enough to last 7-days. Make sure you have a big, main bag to put all main items (Shoes, Clothes, Sun Tan Lotions etc.) but then also a smaller bag (to take onto the coach). Pack your bag yourself and its often a good idea to put smaller carrier bags inside labelled with things like 'socks' in them.

We'll face many different situations; informally relaxing, hiking, traveling and swimming to name a few, but usually we'll be wearing shorts and a T-Shirt. The only specialist equipment scout's will need are some hiking boots (ankle support is vital) as well as waterproofs.

We will be scaling the heights of a mountain hut, where we walk up a mountain with guides, spend a night above the cloud line and then descend the following morning. Some equipment is needed for the mountain walk (mentioned above). Want some advice on buying outdoor gear? Visit the Outdoor Gear Guide!

We operate a free, cashless system for scouts when they are in France, called camp-bank. This way, parents or scouts deposit money before or at the May 10 meeting and scouts have no risk of loosing money. You don't need to get any EURO's and just pay in UK Sterling.

On the day of travel, we set the exchange rate and we operate on the same rate all week so if the exchange rate is £1= €1.19 on the Friday of departure, this will remain the exchange rate all week for scouts using camp-bank. Also, this avoids scouts from receiving poor exchange rates on the Ferry or in service stations.

A scout tucks into a tuck-shop snack
Camp-bank does not operate on the journey to France, however, scouts can withdraw money before they travel back to Britain on the return journey.

We advise scouts to take no more than €75 (around £60). Money can be deposited into Camp-Bank by contacting Carl and any money remaining in Camp-Bank at the end of the adventure will be paid back to you.

We also operate a tuck-shop, and scouts pay for items using money in their camp-bank.

Mobile Phones/Cameras
Young people can take mobile phones and other electrical equipment and there is charging facilities within our accommodation. However, calling or text messaging home can be very costly and we always suggest communicating with young people using our blog - it costs
nothing to comment, unlike the extortionate rates (up to £0.50 per message) charged by mobile phone companies. 

We encourage young people to take photos whilst we're there and we update our photos library every evening - collating all of the day's pictures from across the groups. Young people can take their own camera.

However, all valuables are the responsibility of the young person.

Parents' Meetings
Prior to the trip, we ask for parents to bring a whole rage of documents - medical forms, clothing order forms, EHIC Cards.

    At a final parents' meeting, we ask that you bring the following documents:

    • A Valid Passport
    • A Valid EHIC Card
    • A Final Medical and Consent Form
    See more about each document below.

    If there's a problem with any of the documentation below, just let us know, everyone must have (on May 10):
    • Passport - Everyone travelling must have a valid passport.
      • Passports cost between £49 and £109.50 to renew.
      • It takes between one day and eight weeks to process (depending on the service).
      • More information and application forms.
      • You'll need a Black and White photocopy of your passport (don't worry if you can't get one - just contact us).
    Adventure, Accommodation and Alpine Life...
    Whilst in France, scouts live in dormitories of 4-8 scouts. Scouts are also split into 6 activity groups, with 3-4 leaders per group, roughly by ability and age. 

    In the activity groups scouts take part in many activities, including High Ropes Course, Summer Toboggan Run, Mountain Trek, Canyoning, Rafting and a visit to Lac Bleu.

    When scouts are not in their activity groups they can either relax with friends, play football or Basket-ball on the all-weather pitch, play ping pong, go onto the internet to blog, or perhaps play a card game or watch a movie.

    At mealtimes, there is a very 'non-exotic' menu (i.e. it is very british food and not the snails and frog's legs you might fear). The food is very nice and scouts can choose who they want to sit with at mealtimes.

    Whilst in France, we encourage young people to use our blog, which automatically feeds to our Facebook page and our Twitter account. You can also find out about our progress, keep an eye on the blog, check out our map (or subscribe if you can). Check back on the website on the day of travel.

    Whilst we're travelling, we'll also be regularly updating a messaging service. Call the recorded message line that we use whilst travelling. We'll give out this number nearer the time.

    Check out our blog, twitter feed and Facebook page now!

    Uniform & Badges
    You can download a map of where your UK badge goes here. When we're abroad we wear our necker in a different way, tying a friendship knot like in this video (below) or download the how-to guide.

    Tie a Friendship Knot