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Join an amazing team!
Our leader team are incredible - our young people, families and district team know it. You'll be part of an incredible team taking 50 young people to explore the capital.

You and another adult will be tasked with leading your group of 10-15 young people. You'll be supported to safely lead them across London on the tube, up the Shard, across the Thames and much more. If you're up for the challenge, book using the form opposite.

  • £250 for adults and young leaders
Adults and young leaders are eligible for the same funding and fundraising opportunities as young people.

Young leaders will be volunteering as leaders and working with groups of scouts. If you'd like to attend as an explorer (participant), click here for the explorer costs and booking.

Parent quote

In the City (London) & Cubs go Capital 33% discount
Our young people value what our adults and young leaders do. As a result, we're pleased to be able to offer 33% off the total cost of both events for adults.

You'll pay the adult cost of In the City (London) and then will receive the discount from your Cubs go Capital fee.

Total payable prices:
  • £309 total cost for ItC
  • £250 reduced leader cost for ItC
    • £208 discounted price
  • £219* total cost for CgC
  • £190* reduced leader cost for CgC
    • £145* discounted price
You'll actually pay:
  • £250 for ItC 
  • £105* for CgC
  • £355* for 5 nights in London paid in 8 months!
*These costs are approximate and may vary. These numbers are based on the costs being £190 for adults (£219 for young people), which may vary. A final cost will be launched in September 2018.
Leaders' bookings
We're looking for leaders to support this event! Book your place below!

We need a variety of leaders to support every young person's needs and we appreciate your support. As much as we'd like to, we can't take all 150 adults from our district!

We'll prioritise leaders' bookings of the scout and explorer sections as well as having a balance of experienced and new leaders on the event team.