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Night @ The Museum Final Info

Details/ Important Info
  • Dates: Saturday 19th November - Sunday 20th November
  • Drop-off: The Discovery Museum, NE1 4JA (directions)
    • Your time has been confirmed in your Final Info email
  • Pick-up: Great North Museum, NE2 4PT (directions)
    • Your time has been confirmed in your Final Info email
  • Cost: £39.00
  • Overnight Venue: Great North Museum (Hancock)
  • Wear: Beaver uniform (with necker)
  • Leader in Charge: Jack Fletcher (ADC Youth Programme)
  • More info/ queries:
  • District Events Phone: (07572 892959)
  • InTouch: Carl Hickman (07736 935466)
    • During the weekend, please contact Carl before contacting adult leaders at the event

1 night. 120 beaver scouts. 2 museums.
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It’s a voyage of discovery and adventure as beavers journey through two of Newcastle’s best museums - all before the sun goes down.

After dark is when the real fun begins - get our torches at the ready as it’s time to explore the exhibits once the museum closes!

We start our voyage through time at the Discovery Museum - ride the glass elevator, take part in water-play and climb aboard the ship Turbinia!

After a quick stop for pizza, we'll catch a ride to the Great North Museum (Hancock) and so the fun continues! 

With an access all areas pass, we'll explore the Egyptian artefacts and then get hands on with the Romans. To top it all off, when the sun goes down, grab your torch as it's time for our very special night at the museum!

Explore After Dark
Key info/ links
Drop off/ check-in
Please ensure you have your ticket printed or on your phone. We need the QR code/ barcode page. This makes check-in quicker.

We’re using the road alongside the Discovery Museum as a drop off area. There will be no parking available outside the discovery museum, only waiting. Please be patient.
We’ve been asked by the discovery museum not to use Blanchford Square due to excessive traffic from another event (see below).

You have a drop-off time (sent by email). Please arrive no earlier/ later.

Drop off map

Pickup/ check-out
You have been allocated a time to pick up your child/ children. Please stick to this time as the roads behind the Great North Museum become easily congested.

 We will provide breakfast for beaver scouts.

Walk to the back entrance of the Great North Museum. Here, we’ll check-out beaver scouts and hand back any medication with their luggage.

You have a pick-up time (sent by email). Please arrive no earlier/ later.