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New Volunteers open first Beaver Colony in the West of Washington

posted 26 Mar 2012, 14:12 by Stephen Harrison
Beaver enjoying crafts
27th March 2012: 3rd Washington Scouts is today celebrating the launch of a new beaver colony, the first in the west of Washington, as 12 beaver scouts make their beaver scout promise at the top of Penshaw Hill.

Proud beavers and their parents climbed to the top of the hill for a very special ceremony, to mark the investiture of the first beavers to the new Oxclose based colony. The outdoor venue gave just a taste of the adventure that will follow for the young people, in beavers and as they move to cubs and scouts.

The colony is part of 3rd Washington Scouts and is based at Oxclose Village Primary School. The colony gives more children in the west of Washington the chance to make friends, play games, go on visits and help others. In the next few months, beaver scouts can expect a new adventure every week including attending a “sleepover”, an amazing first night away from home.

As well being supported financially by City of Sunderland Community Chest and Gentoo, the new colony has been made possible by new volunteers coming forward to take on leadership roles in the group. Now established, the colony will soon double in size, however, we still need more adult volunteers as there are over 100 young people waiting to join scouting locally.

Janet (23), a volunteer from Washington said:

‘I gain a huge amount of enjoyment from my role working with young people and it fits nicely around my busy lifestyle, being able to volunteer flexibly is the way forward.’

She Added: ‘Prior to joining 3rd Washington, I hadn’t been involved in scouting and I’ve already enjoyed a huge amount of support and friendship since volunteering.’

Councillor George Thompson, Chair of 3rd Washington Scout Group, said:

‘It’s thanks to volunteers like Janet that we are able to offer scouting to more young people in Washington and I would ask anyone with time to spare and a desire to help young people to think about volunteering with the scouts. Volunteers can give as much or as little time as they can to help.’

To find out more about volunteering opportunities in Washington, please visit, or call 0845 300 1818.