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Beaver-Build Ahoy!

posted 30 Sept 2012, 08:22 by Jonathan Chicken
Beaver Scouts from around the district took part in the popular 'Beaver Build' event today, hosted by 1st Fatfield. Using scavenged materials, construction bricks, sand and props, they began building, against the clock, a 'shipwrecked' themed model.

Inspired by the anniversary of the shipwreck of Robinson Crusoe on 30 September 1659, the beavers built scenes of shipwreck, desert islands, treasure and island-perils.

As the district commissioner (DC) arrived to judge the islands, there was an air of excitement as beavers eagerly discussed their imaginative creations.

1st Herrington Beaver Scouts won the trophy, which will be presented back at the colony meeting. Their island was not only imaginative and full of hidden treasure, dangers and mythical creatures, but it was also presented in a way that told the story of the ship wreck, something the DC explained set theirs apart from the others.

Runners up were 1st Houghton, 3rd Washington and 1st Fatfield. Beavers thanked the district team and volunteer adults who'd given up their day to make the event a success.

beavers from 3rd Washington  

Beavers in Houghton-le-Spring meet on a number of occasions throughout the year for fun activities. Events such as Beaver-Build enable young people to meet new friends and begin to understand what being part of a large 'world-wide family' means.