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Minibus Driver Awareness Training

posted 4 Feb 2012, 08:37 by Jonathan Chicken
The Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) provides essential training for the safe operation of scout group minibuses.

  • Saturday 10 March
  • 9am - 12pm,
  • East Boldon Scout HQ, (Behind the Grey Horse Pub, East Boldon)
  • £45pp.

Driving a minibus is very different from driving a car, yet many minibus drivers have never received professional training. This is because the necessary D1 driving licence was automatically included for car drivers who passed their test before January 1997.

These drivers may be able to drive your minibus legally, but this is not the same as driving it safely. Every group's duty of care means these drivers should be provided with MiDAS minibus training at the earliest opportunity.

Minibus Training Courses

There should be no compromise in the safety of children. Providing leaders with MiDAS minibus training shows parents and the community how committed you are to the safety of the children in your care.

The minibus driving course typically takes half a day + a driving session and will be run by Simon Gray of East Boldon Scouts. It is designed to ensure all minibus drivers meet national standards in safety and competence. It includes the following key areas:

  • Passenger safety
  • Competent minibus handling in different driving conditions
  • Accident and emergency procedures
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Health and safety awareness

Drivers take the MiDAS minibus test, which leads to a certificate of competence and safety.

Remember: MiDAS driver training is not a licence. Your minibus drivers also need a D1 licence, or your vehicle needs an exemption permit. See this link

MIDAS Course 10th March