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Serious Outdoor Fun: District Scouts Activity Night

posted 19 Jul 2010, 13:49 by Stephen Harrison
Take one sunny Friday night, add all of your mates, 10 mint activies, a sprinkling of quality prizes and a whole lot of fun and you've got yourself the Houghton-Le-Spring District Activity Night.

You could be forgiven for think that it's impossible to pack so much into one night, but on Friday nights scouts took part in tug of war, 3WS's world famous frisbee game, volleyball, team alpine skiing, space hopper racing and grass sledging. Scouts earned draw tickets as they rotated round the bases based on how well they worked as a team.

The tickets then allowed teams to enter in the random 'just for fun' prize draw where a lucky few took home a prize worthy of the generation game.

Thanks to all the leaders who got involved in running the night - roll on HLS Scouts Activity Night 2011!!!