Young people are encouraged to try new activities and develop their current interests through activities ranging from archery to rock climbing. We believe that by taking part in safe but challenging activities, young people develop new skills and abilities. This page is designed for adult leaders involved in running an adventurous activity for young people regardless of the section

Where Do I Start?

POR Rule 37.1: The District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities. This will usually be by means of an informal system agreed between the District Commissioner and each Group 
Scout Leader.

1. Assume that ALL activities need permission

  • Visit this link and find the activity you are planning.
  • Always check the activity fact sheet, don't assume because 'we've always done this' that everything stays the same.
  • Land activities (walking, biking etc) done locally on lowland areas, near civilisation and road (for example Waldridge Fell or Herrington Park) should be risk assessed by leaders and permission to go sought from the Group Scout Leader.
  • Water, climbing or other activities not done locally need permission to go from the District Commissioner.

2. Do I need an Activity Permit?

If you are leading an activity on the water, involving climbing, mountain bikes away from Terrain Zero and moorland and mountain walking (T1 or T2) you must have a District Issued Activity Permit. There are many other adventurous activities that require a permit or a National Governing Body Qualification. See the full list here. A permit must be obtained before taking young people on the activity.

To obtain a permit:
Permits are recorded on the National Database on your Scout HQ record.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Will this system is going to stop my Cubs or Beavers going outdoors?
No! Landbased activities run locally require a risk assessment to be carried out and the Group Scout Leaders' Permission only.

I know someone who has an external qualification - they work as an instructor. Can I use them?
Yes, however they must have a Scout Association issued permit. Contact Stephen Ramsay for more advice

If you are in any doubt, ask your Group Scout Leader for Advice.