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Essential Information

Thanks for completing Module 1, Essential Information. We hope you found the session both useful and informative. 

I'm keen to support you to move your adult training on during the Autumn. To complete your Getting Started process of becoming an adult leader there are a number of things that you should do next, this applies to all adults in scouting, regardless of their role. You can read an overview of adult training in Scouting, including the Getting Started process by downloading this document.
  1.  Validate Modules 1 and 3. To validate these you should meet with your training adviser (TA).
    • Don't know who your TA is? Contact Steve Gibson
    • Find out what evidence you could produce to validate by reading Module 1 from the Adult's Personal File. The district provides files and copies of these. 
    • You should validate Module 1 and 3 within 5 months of starting in Scouting.
    • Ask your TA to update your Scout Association record once you've validated. This will ensure you get a membership card issued.

  2. Complete the our local Safeguarding online training (this consists of some reading and online questions)
    • You must register on the Durham Scouts website to complete this training.
    • To sign up, you'll need your membership number which can be found on Scout Association emails, on the front of your scouting magazine or by contacting Jane McIntyre, our appointments secretary. 
    • Once you complete the module, you will receive a certificate to print.

  3. Complete mandatory safety training using this elearning module from the Scout Association. 

  4. Complete mandatory GDPR training using this elearning module from the Scout Association. Take a copy of the certificate and send to your TA or group scout leader. 
Further information about other training courses, such as essential first aid run by the Scout District or Scout County can be found on our dedicated web pages: Some training is mandatory depending on your role. Your TA will explain more.

If you feel that you will not be able to complete the validation and online training, it is important to discuss this with your training adviser.