It's a whole new adventure.

Giving something back is something which makes you feel really good, and volunteering with a younger section (a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack or a Scout Troop) is great fun too! The Young Leader Unit provides the initial training for Young Leaders to get you on your feet. 

After that, you’ll be working in a section in no time as the unit provides support in getting you volunteering in a section - should you want to. Then, once you’re volunteering, we’re still organising events for you, and helping you network and support you to enable you the most out of your time in scouting alongside your volunteering role.

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How it works.
Our tailor made Young Leader Training Scheme consists of 6 sessions which will give our young leaders some ideas and skills which can help them in their roles (such as dealing with difficult behaviours). In the first session there will be information about the rest of the Young Leader Scheme.

Session 1 runs every 3 months.

Sessions 2-5 run twice a year.

Session 6 runs in Spring/ Summer.

You'll be notified when new sessions are running by completing the form below.

Part of something bigger.
As a young leader, you'll be part of a district young leader unit, even when you begin volunteering in a role. As a result, you'll be invited to more than just the 6 sessions in the Young Leader Training Scheme - there are opportunities to go to abroad or to take part in various other events such as expeditions or nights away, all in addition to your volunteering role. 

To find out about such events, check out our events page.

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