YL Guide for Adults

What is a Young Leader?
Young leaders are young people aged 14-18 who invest time and effort into scouting, just like adult volunteers. They're ultimately the future of the scout association and one day, scouting will be in their hands. So, they're important young people.

Getting someone involved as a young leader
If you know someone is keen to get involved, that's great - we're always looking for more young leaders to help grow the movement!

All they need to do to start their adventure is register their interest on the form online (www.hls-scouts.org.uk/yl). Jack Fletcher will then be in touch about them starting their journey as a Young Leader!

Any questions?!
If you have any further questions, please email Jack Fletcher (yl@hls-scouts.org.uk) for more info!
Adult support
There are two guides for adults to help you support a young leaders adventure and to make sure they're getting the best out of it.
Awards for Young Leaders
HLS offers a range of awards for young leaders including national awards.
Young Leader Badge

At the end of Session 1: Module A, Young Leaders will be given a square/ diamond shaped Young Leader Badge (see opposite). This represents the completion of Module A - the minimum requirements of a YL.

The Young Leader can then be awarded a stripe (see opposite) which 
YL Mission Stripe
fits around the Young Leader Badge for each mission completed and signed off. There are 4 mission stripes, which when placed around the outside of the young leader badge create a larger circular 'badge'.
YL Belt

The Young Leader Belt is awarded to young leaders who complete the core 4 sessions and all 4 missions. This represents the completion of the national award.

YL Award Necker
The Young Leader Award is a combination of the Young Leader Belt (completing all 4
missions and all Young Leader sessions) and the completion of the 4 (HLS exclusive) YL challenges. The Young Leader is awarded a YL award necker.

The Young Leader Service Award can be awarded when a YL turns 18 
YL Service Award
and the award represents service as a Young Leader and it can be worn on adult uniform.

Awards are provided by the district upon notification by a section leader/ GSL/ young leader. Groups do not have to provide these awards, only facilitate them.

Please email yl@hls-scouts.org.uk to nominate someone/ yourself for an award.