Becoming a Young Leader

Lots of roles. Lots of flexibility.
Young leaders can have a wide range of roles available to them after completing the sessions of the young leader scheme. Roles for Young Leaders can be in almost every section throughout the district, so there is definitely a role out there for you to put your training into practice! 

Your role can change over time too as your education or training changes, so if you can't manage to fulfil your role because of other commitments, we can help and help you in changing your role to suit you. Remember, you're a volunteer. It's flexible around you. 

Limitless opportunities for adventure.
Being a Young Leader can be much more than being a volunteer. You’ll have the opportunity to enrich your adventure. At Session 1, we recorded everyone’s data and added everyone to a mailing list. We’ll often get information direct from organisations, and we’ll forward it to the mailing list as well as posting it on Facebook. As a result, it’s as hot off the press as it can get! Check out some of the opportunities 

The Young Leader Award and Belt.
The Young Leader Award is a combination of the Young Leader Belt (completing all 4 missions and all Young Leader sessions) and the Young Leader Award necker. The necker can be worn in replacement of the district necker and in addition to a group necker. The Young Leader Award can be achieved by completing three sections as outlined below:

Young Leader Belt Information
YL Award Information
A new role. A new volunteer. A new adventure.
Session 5 allows you to explore what is available to you after the young leader scheme and the opportunities and roles available to you. During session 4, we'll arrange a time to meet on Thursday 13th November to discuss your role. If you're planning on taking on a role alongside 2 or 3 of your friends (e.g. 2 people go to the a Beaver Section), then you can arrange to come along in that group. 

Following this, at session 5, we'll discuss which section you'd like to work with and which group you'd like to have a role with. This stage is crucial as it's important that young leaders are placed in the right section for them. We'd always recommend taking a role in a cub or a beaver section, as it's often difficult to take on a leadership role in the scout section when you're so close to the age of the young people in scouts. If you were previously a scout, we ask that you take a minimum of 9 months away from the scout section which you came from.

This is because you're becoming a leader within a section and to make the distinction between being a scout and being a leader for scouts who knew you as a scout takes time. Once you've decided on the group and section which you'd like a role with, we'll give you the contact details for the section leader for the section which you'd like to get involved with.

Catalysed placements in Houghton-le-Spring...
When it comes to organising a role, everyone feels there is a mountain to climb, but once you've climbed it, you'll be working alongside young people and making a difference to the lives of our scouts in Hetton, Houghton and Washington. We'll support you in this stage of the adventure, particularly when first organising your role however, now that you're an explorer scout, it's up to you to manage your role and that includes organising it. In Houghton-le-Spring, we have a 'Catalysed Placement' method. 

This means that during session 5, when you've decided where you'd like a role, we'll will give you that section leaders' contact details and talk to the section leader about your role, but we'll also tell them to expect to be contacted. It's up to you to contact them and organise your placement. We'll support it, but now that you're older you have your own role with an increased responsibility, including organising it yourself. Check out the process of getting your new role.

Have a head start...
If you'd like to start thinking about your role early, you could think about two things:
  • Which section you'd like to work with
  • Which group you'd like to be part of
Check out the location of the groups below: