Session 5: Becoming a Young Leader

What's it all about?!
You’ve been there, and seen it all, and now you’re ready. Session 5 is a more personal session in smaller groups or pairs where you’ll have the chance to discuss what happens next and your role as a Young Leader. You’ll choose a time to meet which is best for you - so there is no set time or date for this session but it should be within 3 weeks of ‘Session 4: Helping diversify scouting’. 

At the session, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions that you’ll want answering prior to starting out as a Young Leader and you’ll find out about how you can still get involved with the Young Leader unit in the future.

How do I book?

Booking info will appear here

Please ensure to book so that we can print your certificate and ensure there is enough resources and transport for everyone.

How it works
Session 5 is different in structure to the other sessions. It is designed to be a more personal session, tailored to you to discuss your placements. As a result, you'll only need to be there for 20 minutes. 

You can choose to come alone or, (as noted on the role page) you can come along in the groups which you'll volunteer in (e.g. if the same 3 people are going to the same section, you can come along as a three). 

The fifth session of the training follows on from the other four sessions. The fifth session of the scheme will run twice. You only need to attend one, 20 minute slot in one session (not both sessions). Here are the details of both sessions: 
  • Date: TBC
  • Venue: TBC

  • You should bring all of your training documents you've received this far
  • Casual clothes
  • Contact: Jack Fletcher
  • Email:
  • Phone: 07429 562964