Young Leader Challenges
What are they?
Young Leader Challenges are challenges for new Young Leaders. They are designed to put into practice what you've learnt in each practical session (sessions 1,2,3 and 4). They are designed to be the 'stepping stone' between the Young Leader Sessions and the Young Leader Missions.

They'll present you with problems and ask you to solve them or introduce you to new concepts not covered by the young leader scheme, which are covered in the adult leader training scheme, to better prepare you for your time as a volunteer.

Where can I find the challenges?
The Young Leader Challenges are outlined on the bottom of each session handout. Alternatively, as with the sessions, there is an online version available. To access the online version, simply click which challenge you'd like to access opposite.

Alternatively, visit our Young Leader Page to download the handouts from each session by clicking the session links.
How do I complete take on a challenge?
After each session, you will get a handout for that session, rounding up what we've discussed. On each handout, there is a ‘Young Leader Challenge’ which is designed to be an extension for what has been discussed at the session. 

These can be completed should you want to complete them but they are very relevant and sometimes cover additional ideas and concepts not covered by the scheme.

How can I show I've done the challenge?
The challenges can be presented to your section leader or a member of the Young Leader Team. This needn't be a formal presentation - simply a 5 minute discussion explaining your reasoning (for example, for the first challenge, you could show your balanced programme checker to a section leader discussing what you have written). 

They'll confirm that you've completed the challenge, and it'll contribute towards your Young Leader Award.

Do they count towards completing my Young Leader Missions?
The Young Leader Challenges are challenges which are designed to work alongside the Young Leader Missions, though, your Young Leader Missions cannot be completed until you have a role in a section, whereas the Young Leader Challenges can be completed before this.

Some of the Young Leader Challenges can be used to count towards completing your missions. This mission link is outlined on the bottom of each handout.
Check out a list of the challenges below:

YL Challenge 1: Balanced programme

YL Challenge 2: Choosing the right game

Challenge 3: Promoting positive behaviour

YL Challenge 4: Diversity is key