Challenge 1: A balanced programme
Keeping things balanced

In scouting, we aim for a ‘balanced programme’. This means that in our programme, we cover many different aspects of scouting in many different ways. At the end of our programmes, we often check this to see if it is truly balanced using a tool called the balanced programme checker. There is a different checker for each section. Your challenge is to find a programme and complete a balanced programme checker for it.

There is a balanced programme checker for each section. Find the links below:

How to complete your challenge. Step by step.

1) Go through each activity on the programme,  Firstly, decide what programme zone the activity covers. If we use the example of scouts building a ‘bug hotel’ outdoors using sustainable resources, this would cover ‘Global’ (sustainable resources) so a tally mark would be placed in accordance with the methods.

2) Looking at the methods used to achieve this. for the example shown, it could cover ‘Activities outdoors’ and maybe even ‘Design and Creativity’ as they would have to plan the design and structure of it. The tally marks would be placed as shown below.

3) As you begin to fill up the balanced programme checker with all of the activities in a programme -the tally marks should show an even distribution - so they should be evenly spread out. If they start to appear in clumps in one area, it could mean that there is too much of that type of activity and not enough of another.

When you’ve done this, decide whether or not the programme is balanced or whether it needs changing. If it needs changing, decide what needs changing.