Challenge 3: Encouraging good behaviour

Scenario 1
In an active scout troop locally, there are 30 scouts. They're very friendly and wouldn’t disrupt anyone intentionally or cause any harm. However, when they are left alone (e.g. at camp to go and prepare some food), they just ‘mess on’ by playing with matches. They do an amazing job, but they’re always an hour late for starting evening activities. Think of a way you could solve the issue of scouts not being ready on time but also stop the 'messing on’.

Encouraging good behaviour is a great way to discourage challenging behaviour in a positive, indirect way. This can sometimes mean taking a situation and coming up with a system or an approach to tackle the problem. Below are two different problems facing a scout troop.

The challenge is to come up with a solution which encourages good behaviour to solve the problem for each of them.

You may want to consider the following:
  • Rewards/ incentives
  • The level of adventure
  • Behaviour management techniques (see handout)
  • Leadership skills
Scenario 2
When the section meets, the scout leader is becoming tired of scouts talking over her. She's young and is keen that through talking whenever scouts are asked to do anything (e.g. stand in in a line for a game) it becomes boring for her and the scouts are just losing their own game time too. There is a programme planning meeting in 3 weeks time and she has asked you to think about a way to help solve this problem. Consider different ways in which you can help the problem as a young leader.